Department of Rail Transport visited the Doubling Track Railway Project Maab Kabao – Chira Road Junction sections

17 June, 2022

The Department of Rail Transport paid a visit to and followed up on the Doubling Track Railway Project, Maab Kabao-Chira Road Junction. The Project comprises two Contracts being constructed by Italian Thai Development Public Company Limited, which are as follows:

Contract 1: the construction of an elevated railway with ballastless track and the new Muak Lek Station over the length between Maab Kabao and Klong Kanajit; and

Contract 3: the construction of tunnel works at Maab Kabao, where the first of two tunnels is being constructed along with the associated ballastless track.

The State Railway of Thailand (SRT) is planning to operate the first phase of the Doubling Track Railway Project from Sub Muang Station to Chan Tuck Station and then to Klong Kananjit Station.