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       ITD is recognized as a leading operator in the mining industry with more than 30 years experience. ITD’s mining operations began with rock mining works for the construction of dams. The Company continued its mining works to supply material to the crushing plants of the Company. These crushed rock aggregates are used in many of the Company’s projects. 
In 1998 ITD expanded its mining business with the award of a coal mining project in Myanmar, and with good management and performance, the Company is looking forward to winning more projects in Myanmar. 

In 2000 ITD was awarded the 38 million tons coal mining project by Electrical Generating Authority of Thailand (EGAT) for the Mae Moh Lignite Mine Phase 5 in Thailand. This was followed in 2002 with a 10 years contract for overburden removal and coal extraction. 

In addition, ITD has expanded its mining operations into Indonesia where the Company has been awarded an open-cast coal mining project. 

ITD has set very high standards for mining works and is actively pursuing opportunities to participate in mining projects both within Thailand and the neighboring countries, such as India, Indonesia, Cambodia 
and Laos.

Mae Moh Lignite Mine Phase 5 (October 2000 - September 2009)
Open pit coal mining, involving the removal and transportation of 255 million m3 of overburden soil, and the excavation of 38 million tons of lignite. 47 million m3 of lignite will be moved by belt conveyor and spreader.

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