Privacy Policy

Cookies Policy

   Cookies shall be displayed to automatically collect your data once you visit the Company's website. Some types of cookies used on the website are necessarily designed for its efficiency while some serve to provide convenience for you at times you visit the website.

What are cookies?

   Cookies are small files placed on devices such as computers, mobile phones, tablets etc. They allow websites to operate efficiently and can also deliver site owners data relating to your preferences that may help them enhance your experience.

Types of cookies we use

   The Company reserve its rights to make use of cookies when you visit our website. With reference to the Company's objectives, cookies shall be divided into 2 categories, which are as follows:

1. Strictly Necessary Cookies

   These sorts of cookies are designed to keep track of your visit and it provides you with the convenience in terms of remembering your log-in details and data you have previously given on the website etc. thereby helping to fulfill your needs.

2. Analytical/Performance Cookies

   The Company makes use of these cookies by gathering statistical data in terms of viewing behaviors regarding your visit to the website with a purpose of providing information regarding what you are searching for, and therefore as a result, the Company can understand more of your needs.